Thursday, 15 May 2014

Belaku Annual Day - A Candid Expression of a True Spirit!

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.”

Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973);
Writer, Nobel And Pulitzer Prize Winner

This comes at a time when we have just finsihed successfully executing our flagship project, Belaku Annual day. The amount of energy that just sprung up from nowhere was simply amazing. There was a focus. It was a challenge. The motivation levels were beyound measurable limits. Although it was a bit lethargic upfront, the way the spirits rose was amazing. Ego free volunteering at its best. 

This is was what one of our volunteers Archana (Archies) who choreographed a beautiful dance had to say about her overall experience:

Until I came to Belaku on the first day for choreography, focus was only on choreography. However I had never thought it would open up to new bindings that would make me come back to it again and again.  

The spirit of team Kaleido is awesome!!! I appreciate the dedication and every bit of support and encouragement that was provided all through the practice and event. Team is so comforting and very much inclusive in a way it works, makes even the first timer gel up well with the team. 

The one and a half months of sweat was unlimited fun. We have been working with these kids from 2011. Going back to belaku is like going back to a friends place. Well, you know when you are carrying this feeling that the purpose is served well. They are no different. Just that they have to live with an inevitable compromise in life. And that we have to deal with, together. What are friends for?

You learn from the kids, more than what you teach them. Their innocence surely breaks your ego and brings out the child in you. Thats the best part in the whole process. You are not affected by opinions, you do not carry any obligations and you simply are free. One of the volunteers Sathya Pramodha (Saty) who possibly was the best choreo this year was greatly satisfied with her involvement in the whole event. She is not new to Belaku and has time and again produced some of the best shows pushing the kids' capabilities to the next level everytime. This is what she had to say:

practice sessions -> fun
event -> soooper fun
Totally awesome experience to meet such talents and nurturing it

The whole showcase was filled with energy. It was bright and as Gautam says It was Colourfull!!

If the event was a success, the major share also goes to those who encouraged by playing a wonderful audience. They saw the whole thing through a different eye. We got lots of feedback. It was all positive. Some had to comment on the technical issues that we faced while managing shows. We accepted it. But we knew at the end of it all that we had done a good job. Some of them had a different opinion though. Our own volunteers had a different mood viewing, like the one below. 

We realy hope that he was lost enjoying the beautiful songs that our kids sung. The actual reaction however was as Madhuri put it:

Kaleido volunteers great Job guys... Loved the way it was organised. Yello Jhinugiruva, Paper Paper, Remix song, Roudra (Narasimha avatara), Remix dance, Mono acting by sri raksha and eerakka, Nidhi skit, Kavana by bhagya..everything was too good. All together it was a treat to watch kids performing. Super talented kids and Mentors [Kaleido volunteers] :):) Cheers..keep up the good work.. :):)

At the end of it all, it was a great team effort. Amazing dedication by all the volunteers, tremendous perseverence shown from the kids and great support from the Belaku Board. The whole spirit behind the event motivated all of us to push our capabilities to the limits to ensure a successful showcase. As Archies remarked later:

In short Kaleido is a set of right things fallen in right place! I 'm happy that I was part of it and would like to continue to be.

Awesome. Really Awesome.

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