Sunday, 15 December 2013

We are young! We are Responsible!

With so many opportunities and with awareness and the acccess to information increasing everyday, every minute, it is quite understandable that individually we are becoming a lot self-centric. The inner circle which comprised of parents, family and friends is also now reducing sharply in radius. You cannot compel them for doing something good for the society. The best way to help the society is to help yourself. But how one does that, is where the core of the societal development lies. There has to be some moral responsibility tagged along with whatever we do. If we want to see a change, then we should be aware that we have the maximum role to play in effecting it. Seldom do we participate and more often end up cribbing poiniting fingers at others. One can easily comprehend the current level of trust in our leaders. It is hard to believe and rest all our hopes on them. And this is where we go a bit lethargic. We so want to rest our hopes to see a change and do nothing about it. The whole situation is perplexed and complicated. We negotiate with the traffic police from 100 rupees to 50 rupees for not wearing the helmet, just to avoid your Driving License being booked. When we all are so perturbed about the situation around, and pointing fingers; well, we need to introspect properly and understand where the problem actually is. If you have realized that it is on you to effect the change you wish to see, rather it is on you to initiate or participate in a process for change, then what are you waiting for. Stand up, be logical, express, participate and effect.

"Kaleido Standpoint" will be a space to discuss and put forward our viewpoint on several issues that we come across. This is not and never will be a platform for blind political fanatiscm, rather we might discuss about governance in the established framework. This is not and never will be a platform to crib and point fingers for a solution, rather we might share a solution for an issue that matters. This is not and never will be a platform for religious bias, rather we might discuss various cultures and social inclusion in the most liberal way. This is not and never will be considered as a tool to come up with a solution to any social issue, rather it is just a platform to express our Standpoint on issues that matter.

Partcicpating in community level development activities, Kaleido is now inspired more to effect a change. We believe, we have understood the way to bring about a social change and are on our way towards it. We are fed up of looking at pointing fingers, with loosing hope. We are fed up of opinions. We have no time to crib. We are not so dumb to agree upon and enjoy the colourful shit that is being thrown at us. We are young, we are responsible. We will ensure that the change is brought about now, this time.

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